UBER Roadshow

Created in 2009 in the United States, Uber is an American company that develops and operates mobile applications that put users in contact with drivers who provide transport services.

The service arrived in France in 2011 and has gradually expanded its network to become the leading VTC in France.

Le challenge

Every year, Uber organises a tour of France to invite its best drivers to a one-day seminar.  Lyon, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice… each city welcomes a hundred or so participants to thank them for their good results over lunch and to set the objectives for the coming year. In order to ensure the smooth running of the day’s dense schedule, the Bonjour Hôtesses agency has been contacted for two consecutive years to welcome and accompany the participants throughout the day. Uber wanted continuity, transparent communication throughout the event, and coordination of the various teams with their internal manager.

La solution Agence Bonjour

In each city and for each date, a pair of hostesses is present in the morning to help the stage manager set up the event.

The day’s schedule is divided into three stages:

  • The first is the reception, the registration of the participants and the management of the cloakroom.
  • The second is the placement of participants in the meeting room and the microphone during the question and answer sessions
  • The third was the placement of participants in the restaurant and the distribution of goodies at the start of the event.

The agency was able to find the right staff for each city, who were elegant, discreet and reactive, to ensure a short mission requiring a great capacity for adaptation.


“I would like to thank you for your service on all the dates of the roadshow. We are very satisfied with your services, everything went very well, communication was clear and fluid, it was very pleasant to work with you” – this is the feedback from our client on the selection of staff and the daily follow-up of the two-month tour. We are already looking forward to a third year of cooperation.

Nos clients témoignent


Thank you so much for recruiting our brand ambassadors who were with us all week. They were charming and so professional, it was a real pleasure to work with them!

Beatrice B., Google Chrome
November 2022, Paris


A big thank you for your professionalism and the daily follow-up of the teams. Your support of the hostesses on the 10 dates since the beginning of this Uber roadshow is an added value for our production team.

Damien D., Mythologies
November 2022, France

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