Distribute. Not pollute

Looking to reach your target quickly and efficiently, but wondering about the environmental impact of street marketing? Let’s talk about it! Despite the rise of digital, meeting your customers in the street remains an extremely effective way to develop your brand’s visibility.

Today, online-only applications and e-tailers are launching street marketing campaigns to meet and interact with their targets off-line.

Recycled paper, useful and eco-responsible objects, innovative QR codes and NFC technologies… Let’s make street marketing compatible with sustainable development.

Our street marketing services


We select your future ambassadors to promote your brand through leafleting. We can also advise you on how to set up more environmentally friendly campaigns.

Rickshaw bikes

Our team increases the visibility of your brand thanks to the mobility of the three-wheeler and thus facilitates the sampling and storage of the promoted products. Ecological, atypical and practical, the three-wheeler is a great asset for your events.


Present throughout France, our ambassadors contribute to the visibility and reputation of your brand. Their professionalism and friendliness will convince consumers to join your community.

Connected street marketing

Our brand ambassadors get involved in your connected street marketing campaigns. NFC, QR Code, our teams use digital media to ensure communication with a limited ecological impact.

What our clients say


Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism, you were great! I hope to have the pleasure of calling on you again for a future Louis Vuitton event.

Myriam J., Chocolat Show
July 2022, Saint Tropez


I was really pleased with both the selection of the hostess and your excellent service. In addition, the communication was smooth and perfect. Thank you for a great experience.

Holger K., Spectr Magazine
October 2021, Paris

Our clients

Let’s work together

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